Do you need a speaker for your meeting, retreat, or conference?

I have several hour(ish)-long workshops I can present to groups for monthly meetings, writers retreats, or conference workshops. I can present virtually too!

Writing Historical Fiction discusses the issues writers should consider when writing historical fiction, how to find answers to many of the questions you’ll ask yourself as you plot and write, and how to avoid tumbling (too deep) into the research rabbit hole.

Wondering how to research the old-fashioned way, without the Internet? Research Beyond.Com serves as a guidepost to valuable offline resources we often overlook.

How to Speak Legalese: Dechiphering Literary Contracts explores the basics of author-agent agreements and publishing contracts from the writer’s perspective.

Interested in approachable legal history? What kind of rights did women really have in Regency England? Why did couples elope to Gretna Green? And what the heck is a fee tail male, anyway? Law and Order Regency Style delves into these and other questions. 

The Gilded Age discusses the many disparate elements of the post-Civil War period known as the Gilded Age in the United States. We’ll touch on high society, immigration and westward migration, the “robber barons,” and the rights and opportunities of women, among other things. This workshop is currently in development, but I’d be happy to speed it up if there’s interest!

And finally, the more esoteric Immigration to America in the Colonial Period offers a look at immigration policies in Colonial America–a great resource for writers interested in that time period.

The Regency Law and Contracts workshops are online classes too, so if you want a more in-depth look at those topics, visit the Lawson Writer’s Academy

I am always thinking about other historical topics as well, so if you’re interested in something in particular, just ask! For more information or to schedule a presentation, email me at marin [at]