Reviews for Stirring Up the Viscount:

Fresh Fiction:

“With danger, passion, and gripping characters, STIRRING UP THE VISCOUNT by Marin McGinnis is a brilliant read and I look forward to reading more from this author.”


“This is a fun historical romance filled with heart, intrigue and a dash of humor. I read it quickly and enjoyed every minute of it. Marin McGinnis has obviously done her homework on the time period, and the kitchen scenes were fascinating for the historical information, while the sexual tension between the two main characters kept me wanting more and rooting for that HEA for the heroine.”

“Fun to read, intriguing characters, can’t wait to read Marin’s next book!”


“I truly enjoyed Stirring up the Viscount. The characters are delightfully written with strengths and flaws that pull you into the story and make you root for their success. The setting is rich and adds to the flavor of the story. The secondary characters are wonderful though a bit predictable and typical. I felt really connected with Theodora. She is such a wounded person in the beginning that you want to wrap your arms around her. Jonathan’s light-heartedness is a good balance to her. The story will keep you turning the pages. The characters will make the journey worthwhile.”

Got Romance Reviews:

“I loved this book. Theodora is a strong woman who took a chance to leave her abusive husband. To find some peace. Little did she know that she would find Jonathan, the love of her life. Jonathan was settled in his life with his family until Theodora comes into his life.

Theodora never believed that a man could love her for herself and Jonathan never believed that he would find a love of his own. In spite of what they have both gone through they find a way to be together and find that love that they were both meant to have.

Neither Theodora or Jonathan believed that they would find a love that was meant to last a life time. I liked how they fought what they were feeling and didn’t succumb right away.  But best of all in the end they would have their happy ever after. I would recommend this book.”

InD’Tale Magazine:

“A slightly dark historical romance, “Stirring Up the Viscount” involves a mysterious (and of course beautiful) lady of good breeding who is having to hide as a servant and manages to attract the attention of a handsome lord. Naturally, the hero and heroine fall for one another even though she is not really free. The husband, Lucian is creepy in a suave kind of way, and the quirky side characters round out the cast.  The plot is well written if somewhat predictable and slightly darker in reference to how Theodora is abused which is made plain in the first couple chapters. Overall, another good read for any historical romance fan.”


“Wonderfully complicated and enticing story that offers redemption in such a great story.”

Reviews for Secret Promise:


“Fast paced Victorian Historical Romance. Filled with secrets, secret promises, murder, danger, betrayal, romance and finding true love. Well written. The characters are engaging and endearing. A brilliantly written tale with a few twists and turns. I absolutely enjoyed this tale of second chances, forgiveness, healing and love. An enjoyable and satisfying read! A wonderful Historical Romance!”


“It was really good and you actually like [Edward] when you first meet him and sympathize when needed. The story flowed quite nicely, so when you get a chance pick up a copy and you just might enjoy a secret promise or two.”

Reviews for Tempting Mr. Jordan:


“I adored this touching love story of American artist Geoffrey and Brit Lady Julia. This heartwarming tale begins when Geoffrey and Julia meet on an ocean liner and are reunited in his hometown in Maine. If you enjoy a great romance, this is the book for you!”


“Tempting Mr. Jordan was a delight, so much better than I was expecting. Marin McGinnis seems to be an undiscovered writer. Tempting Mr. Jordan has a strong, cheerful, loyal heroine and a smoldering, self-imposed loner for a hero who is also an artist. … What ensues makes for an enjoyable, intriguing story. There is a surprise twist toward the end of the book that took me by surprise. Ms. McGinnis is a talented writer whom I hope more people will discover.”

“This was a very enjoyable book with a good storyline and well thought out and well developed characters. I have not previously read anything by this author but will make it a point to look for additional titles.
I am not certain if this book is part of a series but it could very well be as there are secondary characters that could have their own story. It does however read very well as a standalone book.
I would give this book 4.25 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and 3.5 of 5 flames for heat.”

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