Restarting my Groove

The “groove” referenced in my last post is more like a car with a wonky transmission that periodically stalls in traffic, but hey, eventually it will get me to where I need to go.

Since my last post, I have updated my website, but that’s about it–the day job kept me even busier than usual. At the moment, though, I am sitting in my home office (since we downsized our house last year, my “office” is really a corner of the TV/mud room–I call it The Cave since it’s so damn dark in here) contemplating yet another tool intended to increase my productivity. This one might actually work, though, and I am sure you’ve already heard of it (I am always the last to try anything new). It’s called Trello.

I have always made lists–my office is papered with them. I have to-do lists for different aspects of the day job, to remind me to do stuff for myself or the family (refill that prescription!), and to organize my writing/editing/teaching work.  Trello is a way to keep those lists handy so I will–theoretically–look at them again as I go through the week. I have also discovered I can use it for meal planning, and to organize book revisions. Author Jessica Brody (Save the Cat Writes A Novel) has a Trello novel revision template if you subscribe to her Writing Mastery Academy (which you ought to do–there’s so much great stuff).

And did I mention it’s free? There are more features with paid versions, but the free version seems to have plenty of options for my personal use.

So, what tools have you discovered lately ? Do share! These days, anything that can help make our lives easier or more fun is definitely welcome, right?