My First RWA Nationals

I’m a day late with this post because I spent the last week in New York at the RWA National Conference. My very first RWA National Conference. I have been to at least a dozen national lawyer conferences, even a national librarian conference or two, and none of them quite prepared me for RWA. Here are a few thinPCers RWA15 with AMgs I took away:


1. Romance writers are some of the nicest, most supportive people on the planet.



2. By the end of the week your feet will hurt no matter how comfortable your shoes are, especially if you spend your down time walking all over New York City. 016bcbfc0c5ca9db72e0dc49fc8c6595e46ebb50fe


3. Pitching to an agent is terrifying, a bit discouraging when said agent hates the book you’re pitching, but exciting when she likes the idea of a book you haven’t written yet.

4. Publishing is a crazy business. (See #3.)

5. Free books are good. And heavy.

6. Shaking hands with (or getting hugs from) your favorite authors is amazing.

7. Having 2,000 romance writers in a single room is really loud.



8. I never tire of hanging out with my peeps from NEORWA.


9. There will always be writers who are more successful than you (unless you’re Nora Roberts). Suck it up and keep writing.

10. I would list more but I’m too tired.

Did you go to Nationals? What did you think?


20 Replies to “My First RWA Nationals”

  1. Looks like so much fun! I haven’t been to RWA, but I’ve been to the American Christian Fiction Writers conference many times, and I would agree with all of these. Everyone is always so supportive and appointments are sometimes painful. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll get to meet you at RWA one of these years!

  2. Love your lists.And especially number Nine- 🙂 I’ve been to three nationals over the years and have loved each one. Glad you enjoyed your first one.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! #9 took the longest to accept (I’m not sure I’m completely there yet!), but is perhaps the most important. 🙂

  3. Marin, haven’t been to RWA National in awhile, but used to go almost every year. And your remarks/observations seem right on target. They are the most fun, most exhausting, most crazy, most … You got the picture! Nothing like them.

  4. I remember my first RWA Conference. As a newbie you want to do everything, and you get so tired you don’t remember a thing. You have to pick and choose your workshops and schedule some down time, or you’ll never make it through.

    1. Thanks, Susabelle! It was a cash hemorrhage, that’s for sure–not something I’ll do every year unless I sell a lot more books. 🙂

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